The Price of Offshore, Revisited

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The ObsJuly 22, 2012

Update, June 2014: TJN responds to attacks on the report (pdf here).

MAIN REPORT 1 – The Price of Offshore RevisitedTJN’s in-depth and unprecedented study into the size of the offshore system of tax havens and/or secrecy jurisdictions. The report estimates that some $21-32 trillion is stashed offshore, in conditions of low or zero tax and substantial secrecy.

MAIN REPORT 2 – Inequality: You don’t know the half of itTJN’s assessment of why inequality is much worse than we think

Appendix 1: The pre-history of offshore estimates

Appendix 2Explaining Capital Flight

Appendix 3

One thought on “The Price of Offshore, Revisited

  1. Ret Marut says:

    Am trying to access the “detailed 18-month research project” described in today’s Guardian but all I get is your excellent 2012 report and the 2014 update. Your links don’t work. Am also unsure why your report(s) wasn’t widely cited during Panama Papers rollout. Thanks for this essential work.

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