• 20Jul

    We explore Land Value Tax in our July 2017 podcast

    In this month’s July 2017 Taxcast: we explore Land Value Tax and the billions in revenue we’re missing out on. Plus: Tax [...]  Read More →
  • 18Jul

    Links Jul 18

    Pakistan’s PM facing Supreme Court over Panama Papers ICIJ See also: Pakistan: Court Starts Hearings to Decide Prime [...]  Read More →
  • 17Jul

    Links Jul 17

    Expert consultation on Panama Papers inquiry committee’s findings and recommendations Sven Giegold Certainty in the tax [...]  Read More →
  • 17Jul

    Launch of international research collaboration, #AltAusterity

    Today is the launch of #AltAusterity, a new, international research collaboration of which Tax Justice Network is a partner. [...]  Read More →
  • 14Jul

    Links Jul 14

    Transparency’s Tipping Point: The 7th Financial Transparency Conference Peer Pressure: Tax competition and developing [...]  Read More →
  • 13Jul

    RB tax avoidance – company calls for public country by country reporting after Oxfam report reveals profit shifting

    Oxfam has today released a report on tax dodging by RB, the company formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser and the maker of [...]  Read More →


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