George Turner ■ Conference Alert! International Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion and Tax Justice


Please see the details for an exciting conference being hosted by the University of Barcelona. For those interested in attending please contact the organisers directly using the details at the bottom of this page.


2 Oct. 2014 (14.00-19.15) – 3 Oct. 2014 (9.00-20.00)

Facultat de Dret/Faculty of Law, Av. Diagonal 684, 08034 Barcelona


Programme & registration


Topics & Speakers/Temas y Ponentes:

Evaluation of the OECD BEPS project (Sol Picciotto and others)

Taxation of the digitalized economy (Tulio Rosembuj)

Effects of the offshore system (Jim Stewart, John Christensen, Nick Shaxson)

How misaligned are profits with economic activity? (Alex Cobham)

Global Tax Battles (Len Seabrook & Duncan Wigan)

Towards unitary taxation (Michael Durst & Sol Picciotto)

Lessons from US states for unitary taxation (Erika Siu)

Evaluation of progress towards comprehensive & automatic information exchange (Andres Knobel, Markus Meinzer)

Can transparency help defeat capital flight and corruption? (Rodolfo Bejarano, Savior Mwambwa),

Taxation and inequality (Franco Gallo)

Tax and human rights (Giuseppe Melis)


A full programme can be viewed here


Conference Arrangements/Organización de la Conferencia

Conference arrangements including a registration proforma and payment details are here.  Note that you are required to show proof of purchase when you return your registration form to the team at Barcelona Univeristy.


If you have queries about your registration please contact  Montse at TULIO RAUL ROSEMBUJ ERUJIMOVICH [email protected]

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