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The fight against tax injustice is one of the great battles of our age.

After all, the core target of our work is the rich and powerful – and there’s no interest group more rich and powerful than that.

So we desperately need your help.

Luckily, taking action for #taxjustice is easy! You definitely don’t need to be a tax expert.

There are lots of practical solutions. Try these five, for starters.

Five solutions

Four simple steps

We are helping transform the way the world thinks about tax, tax cheating, and tax havens.

But there’s such a long way to go.

Take four simple steps to join the global tax justice movement.

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1) Get Clued Up

  • Our blog is fizzing with news, views and research. Find one that interests you.
  • Having an argument about tax avoidance or havens? Want to know more? Check out our FAQs.
  • Keep up to date! Subscribe to our free news reports; our #taxjustice weekly news round-up; our entertaining monthly podcast, the Taxcast; and our flagship newsletter, Tax Justice Focus.



2) Spread the Word

Example. Boeing suggested it wouldn’t do safety tests on its planes if it didn’t get a tax break. We tweeted:Boeing1

  • Get new ideas off our blog every day. Choose a report. Tell your friends and followers. Recommend, share, and start asking questions.
  • Write to a journalist who’s written a maddening story. Pen a letter to the editor. Ask a big corporation why it’s been misbehaving.
  • Tell us why you think we need #taxjustice now on twitter! Retweet our latest stories (on the right of this page.)
  • Encourage your friends and family to get involved!


3) Join the Global Movement

There’s a fast-growing global movement building for #taxjustice. Whether its attending an event, signing a petition, tweeting a story or joining a protest, there are loads of ways to get involved.

4)   Donate

Our research is used to fight for #taxjustice around the world.
We don’t pull our punches – and we infuriate a lot of powerful people. We don’t have big corporate funders, and many donors are nervous of us.
So fundraising is tough. Please donate to keep us running.
Every donation, big or small, will help change the world.


They called us crazy when we called for country by country reporting a decade ago. Now even corporate CEOs accept it.


We have called for automatic information exchange for years. Finally, with your help, the world is embracing it.

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