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Links Sep 23

Looted funds: Nigeria Labour Congress threatens protest in Switzerland Today
“I think we must have a national day to demand for tax justice”

Legislators introduce bill to shed more light on US multinationals Financial Transparency Coalition
See also: U.S. Bill to require country-by-country reporting Tax Research UK

Apple’s Tax Bill: Why EU Should Take Its $14B Bite To The Core Forbes

How Companies Like Apple Dodge Taxes and Their Own Investors The New York Times
See also: New Report: Investors at Risk by Lack of Corporate Tax Disclosures FACT Coalition

Multinational expenses: it’s all show Michael West

BHP Billiton faces Australian tax bill of more than $1 billion The Australian Business Review

Mexico tax authority to open probe after ‘Bahamas Leaks’ The Express Tribune

Bahamas Leaks prompts swift reaction, outrage in Europe ICIJ

Bahamas Leaks: EU slammed for not knowing of key official’s offshore firm CBC News
See also: EU Commission ready to sanction Kroes after missing her confession EurActiv

Israel arrests four diamond dealers in HSBC Swiss tax evasion case Reuters

Corporate Tax Chartbook: How Corporations Rig the Rules to Dodge the Taxes They Owe Americans for Tax Fairness

Global response needed to tackle ‘offshore’ culture The Irish Times
” ‘Secrecy jurisdictions’ are a magnet for people and firms that want to hide what they are up to for whatever reason”

Art and Law: What You Need to Know about Guy Wildenstein’s Tax Evasion Trial artnet
Scandal dubbed ‘Dallas on the Seine’, art-dealing family alleged to have hidden hundreds of millions of euros from French authorities

Switzerland grants over EUR 1 mln to Romanian tax authority Romanian Insider



Links Sep 22

Ecuador steps up campaign for a UN #Globaltaxbody Global Alliance for Tax Justice

How to hide it: inside the secret world of wealth managers The Guardian
“They know more about their clients than the clients’ own wives. They are loyal in the face of appalling behaviour. They are the brains behind the most ingenious tax avoidance schemes. And there are more of them than ever.”

Eurodad reaction to Bahamas Leaks

BVI Government & Private Sector Join Forces To Help Financial Services BVI Platinum News
BVI is building its lobbying muscle

Former EU Antitrust Chief Is Named in Bahamas Tax Haven Leaks Fortune Magazine

‘Bahamas Leaks’ puts spotlight on UBS and Credit Suisse swissinfo

Corporation tax is on a downward trend, says OECD The Guardian
The race to the bottom – read about Tax Wars here

Google raided as Indonesia launches criminal inquiry over unpaid tax claim The National

How do vulture funds manage to pay practically no tax in Ireland? Emma Clancy

Ireland’s IP ‘Knowledge Box’ – another tool for tax dodgers Emma Clancy

Ireland: Yes, we’re still a tax haven for tech giants Emma Clancy

Irish state marketed for tax avoidance since 1950s Emma Clancy

EU investigates Luxembourg’s tax treatment of French energy company Engie The Wall Street Journal

EU Expects Tax Avoidance Fight to Reaffirm Continent’s Relevance Bloomberg BNA

Apple tax bill just the tip of a $2.4 trillion iceberg CNBC

The Inclusion of Financial Services in EU Free Trade and Association Agreements: Effects on Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and Avoidance Ex-Post Impact Assessment Social Science Research Network

Broad Coalition Calls for Greater Corporate Disclosure Requirements from the SEC FACT Coalition

1 tax haven, 3 of Canada’s biggest banks, 2,000 offshore companies The Star

Maltese links in new ICIJ Bahamas leaks Times of Malta

Irish links in the Bahamas Leaks The Irish Times

150 Pakistanis linked to offshore companies in Bahamas The News

After Panama, Bahamas Papers expose more Indian names We For News



Report: new data disproves US corporations’ false narrative on taxes

From Americans for Tax Fairness, a major new report about corporate taxes in the United States. It’s called Corporate Tax Chartbook: How Corporations Rig the Rules to Dodge the Taxes They Owe, and it contains many useful facts, such as this:

  • Corporate profits are way up, and corporate taxes are way down. In 1952, corporate profits were 5.5 percent of the economy, and corporate taxes were 5.9 percent. Today, corporate profits are 8.5 percent of the economy, and corporate taxes are just 1.9 percent of GDP.

Links Sep 16

Al Jazeera Investigates: Stealing Paradise
Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit has uncovered corruption in the Maldives. Secretly filmed interviews describe how men on mopeds carried millions in cash to the Maldives’ political elite.

Gender & Tax, from a union perspective Global Alliance for Tax Justice

UK overseas territories could be affected by EU tax crackdown The Guardian
“Jersey, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands among possible targets for economic sanctions after being included on low corporation tax scorecard’

Campaign: Level the Digital Playing Field! Canadians for Tax Fairness
See also: Google Searched For (And Found) The Perfect Tax Havens Huffington Post

Apple pays $118m tax fine for underreporting income in Japan The Independent

Deutsche Bank’s $10-Billion Scandal – How a scheme to help Russians secretly funnel money offshore unravelled The NewYorker

Singapore banks report tax amnesty Indonesians to police Reuters

Taiwan slaps ban, fine on bank linked to Panama Papers France 24

Inside the Tax-Avoidance Racket of “Wealth Management” In These Times

Ikea on EU Radar as Vestager Looks Beyond Apple’s Tax Billions Bloomberg

Shamed ex-minister implicates former French PM in tax fraud case France 24
See also: French Tax Fraud Trial Portrays Example of ‘World Plague’ ABC News

Swiss Supreme Court rules bank data can be sent to Dutch Reuters

The superstar company: A giant problem The Economist
“Paying tax seems to be unavoidable for individuals but optional for firms”

Apple tax row raises $2.1 trillion question for FX traders Reuters



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