Mark Bou Mansour

Communications Coordinator

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Mark Bou Mansour coordinates the Tax Justice Network’s communications and campaigns. He previously worked as Communications Manager at the Family and Childcare Trust and at iguacu. Mark holds a Masters in Social and Political Studies from the University of Sussex.

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A tired nurse sits on the floor of a hallway

$427bn lost to tax havens every year: landmark study reveals countries’ losses and worst offenders

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 20 November 2020 ■ 16 min READ ■ 3 comments

Slander and failed advertising campaigns: how tax haven officials responded to the Financial Secrecy Index 2020

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 5 March 2020 ■ 11 min READ

The Financial Secrecy Index reached a record-breaking number of people this year

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 4 March 2020 ■ 3 min READ
An oval shaped black web camera

Making our conference virtual saved a year’s worth of 60 households’ energy emissions

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 18 December 2019 ■ 5 min READ

Unitary tax explained: infographic

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 21 November 2019 ■ < 1 ■ 3 comments

‘How to tackle tax abuse’ course – Register now

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 19 August 2019 ■ < 1
Woman stands facing financial district skyscrapers

Tax justice goes mainstream: successes in 2018

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 26 July 2019 ■ < 1

The Anderson-Lucas-Norman award 2019 awarded to Ms Eva Joly

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 2 July 2019 ■ 2 min READ
Panel of speakers at the OECD

Addressing the tax challenges of the digitalisation of the economy: our submission to OECD consultation

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 15 March 2019 ■ 17 min READ
A hot air balloon in front of a blue sky

Landmark moments for tax justice from 2018 worth celebrating

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 21 December 2018 ■ 8 min READ
A ship docked in front of a snow capped mountain

GRI invites feedback on its first global tax transparency standard

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 13 December 2018 ■ 4 min READ
The Spider's Web - 1 million views - graphic

The Spider’s Web documentary viewed over one million times on YouTube

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 30 November 2018 ■ 2 min READ
City of London skyline

How City of London finance is making us poorer – infographic

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 5 October 2018 ■ < 1 ■ 8 comments
Close up of a stack of Amazon UK packages

Why is Amazon still paying little tax in the UK?

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 10 August 2018 ■ 7 min READ ■ 3 comments
New York Times square at night, brightly lit and busy.

A watershed year for tax justice and the road ahead

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 27 June 2018 ■ 5 min READ
a row of microphones on a stage

Tax Justice Network’s Annual Conference 2018: livestream and schedule

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 13 June 2018 ■ 4 min READ