Edition 100: Healthy economies

In the Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast, the Taxcast: from the ashes of the coronavirus crisis how can we build a better economic and socially just system that works for all of us? The pandemic also exposes the pile-up of unaddressed crises which we must also fix. We discuss:

  • tax justice (which was always key)
  • bailout conditions for companies now seeking government assistance
  • Universal Basic Services.


“I think it’s quite likely that we’ll see a much longer period of full depression, closer to what happened up to the banking collapses in 1873. Far too many commentators have failed to grasp that we’re not facing one crisis in 2020 but we’re facing multiple crises, some of which have been building up for decades. If ever there was a moment to launch a truly radical departure from the neoliberal world order, this is that moment.”

~ John Christensent, Tax Justice Network

“It’s about reclaiming the collective ideal and the idea that if we all get together and pool our resources and share risks, we will do a lot better. And it’s about putting people in control of how services are designed, to help each other, to look after each other.”

~ Anna Coote of the New Economics Foundation on Universal Basic Services

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