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Welcome to the Taxcast, the Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast: up to 30 minutes of the latest global news, scandal and analysis on tax havens and corruption – which you won’t hear anywhere else.

Joining us are experts in the field to help us analyse the top stories each month. It’s available to everyone for download and broadcast. If your favourite radio station’s not playing it, ask them why not? Produced by @Naomi_Fowler

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The Taxcast: Edition 68

August 2017

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In the August 2017 Taxcast: In the August 2017 Taxcast: #10yearsafter the crash we ask – what will the next one look like? Can we avoid it? Also: Panama Papers fallout – another Prime Minister bites the dust, this time in Pakistan, the offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca has closed 39 of its 45 offices around the world, a UK court ruling spells the end for ‘employee benefit trusts’ being used by footballers to minimise their tax bills and Bank Of England Governor has predicted Britain’s financial sector could double in size in the next 25 years. Has he not heard of the finance curse?

“if the crisis has taught us anything then it is that there is an inherent instability in the financial system that we can’t really get rid of, so what we really have to do is make sure that the damage that the debt financial system can do to the rest of us is limited.”

Professor of Political Arithmetic, Daniel Mügge

“We’ve taken on the whole story narrative of mainstream economics, it has actually gone out and taken over the way the world is seen and people have become totally used to it, it is just the way we think. And we have to realise how it is constraining our thinking.”

Henery Leveson-Gower, Promoting Economic Pluralism

Featuring: Professor of Political Arithmetic at the University of Amsterdam, Daniel Mügge, Henry Leveson-Gower of Promoting Economic Pluralism and John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network.

Produced and presented by Naomi Fowler.

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The Taxcast: Edition 66

June 2017

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In the June 2017 Taxcast: has the UK just had its first tax justice general election? Why was economic debate around the election so ill-informed? Are we seeing a popular shift towards tax justice in the UK and in the USA? Is this the beginning of the end of our long austerity winter? How much do people REALLY care about taxes, who pays them and who doesn’t?

Featuring: Vanessa Williamson, Governance Studies Fellow at the Brookings Institution and author of Read My Lips: Why Americans Are Proud to Pay Taxes, John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network, Will Snell of Tax Justice UK and with brief appearances by President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Produced and presented by the the Tax Justice Network’s Naomi Fowler.

“I think that the lesson from the unexpected failure of the Conservatives to gain a majority in the election is that policies that promote the role of tax in building a fair and civilised society and promise to ensure that all individuals and companies pay the tax they’re supposed to pay are actually popular policies, and it’s not accurate to assume that everyone sees tax as a necessary evil that needs to be minimised as far as possible.”

Will Snell, Tax Justice UK

“It is absolutely the case that Americans do not see avoiding paying the taxes you are supposed to pay as smart, they see it as unethical. They have a strong civic commitment, a strong shared commitment to the idea that tax paying is your responsibility, and exceptionally high actual tax compliance. I think it is a very striking disconnect between the kind of politics that we have at the national level in this country in terms of taxation that has basically no bearing on the preferences that Americans express when you ask them in polls.’

Vanessa Williamson, Brookings Institution

“Cutting taxes doesn’t create a stimulating business environment, all it does is redistribute wealth from the many, particularly workers, to the people who own the businesses, and it can have catastrophic long term consequences.”

John Christensen, Tax Justice Network

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The Taxcast: Edition 67

July 2017

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In our July 2017 Taxcast:

We explore Land Value Tax and the billions in revenue we’re missing out on. Plus:

Tax Haven USA signs up to potential sanctions and blacklisting of the few nations still refusing to comply with international financial transparency rules, which would er, include itself as the world’s prime offender. Did Team USA read the small print? And will the G20, OECD and the EU really blacklist one of the world’s biggest economies?
Also, at last, Members of the European Parliament vote for public country by country reporting for the world’s biggest companies – but a last minute amendment was tabled…

Featuring: Green Party Member of the Scottish Parliament and land reform advocate Andy Wightman, international speaker on transport and land reform and former chair of the Greater London Council Transport Committee Dave Wetzel and John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network.

‘land value taxation has got a long pedigree, it’s a very sensible tax…the reason it’s never been implemented are because the political difficulties of vested interests stand in the way of implementing a tax like that but in terms of a quota I’m quite clear it could generate tens of billions’

Green Party Member of the Scottish Parliament and land reform advocate Andy Wightman

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