United Kingdom

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Country profiles

United Kingdom

  • Corporate Tax Haven Index ranking: 13
  • Financial Secrecy Index ranking: 12
  • Tax loss each year to tax havens: $39,583,847,405
  • Tax loss inflicted on other countries: $42,464,646,560

Country profile

Tax abuse losses


lost in tax every year to global tax abuse


lost to tax avoidance committed by multinational corporations


lost to tax evasion committed by private individuals

  • Equivalent to 5.35% tax revenue (tax revenue in 2020 : $739,734,857,649 trillion)
  • Equivalent to loss of $607 per member of population (Population: 65,260,542.10)
  • Greater than Global Average tax revenue Loss 2.61%
  • Greater than Regional Average tax revenue Loss 3.39%

Global Rankings

Corporate Tax Haven Index 2019

Global Rank (First is Worst)


Haven Score (100 is Worst)


Share of global tax havenry

Financial Secrecy Index 2020

Global Rank (First is Worst)


Haven Score (100 is Worst)


Share of global tax secrecy

Harm to other countries


in tax lost by other countries


by enabling corporate tax avoidance


by enabling private tax evasion

Responsible for 9.93% of global tax losses
Inflicted tax loss equivalent to yearly salaries of
3,366,503 nurses

Social impact of lost tax

Tax loss equivalent to 18.72% of health budget
Tax loss equivalent to 25.23% of education spendings
Suffered tax loss equivalent to paying yearly salaries of
840,209 nurses

Vulnerability to illicit financial flows

Most Vulnerable via Inward Banking Positions
Vulnerable Score for this channel is 61.00 / 100
(100 is Worst)

Trading partners most responsible for vulnerability

United States (24.6%)
Cayman Islands (6.7%)
Germany (6.4%)

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