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Tax Justice Network’s offshore wealth estimates have just been validated by the OECD

By Tax Justice Network ■ 22 July 2020 ■ 3 min READ

It’s got to be automatic: Trillions of dollars offshore revealed by Tax Justice Network policy success

By Alex Cobham ■ 3 July 2020 ■ 7 min READ

Tax, reparations and ‘Plan B’ for the UK’s tax haven web

By Alex Cobham ■ 11 June 2020 ■ 6 min READ
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Financial Secrecy Index: who are the world’s worst offenders? The Tax Justice Network podcast special, February 2020

By Naomi Fowler ■ 20 February 2020 ■ 2 min READ
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Statistics on automatic exchange of banking information and the right to hold authorities (and banks) to account

By Andres Knobel ■ 21 June 2019 ■ 12 min READ

The use of banking information to tackle corruption and money laundering: a low-hanging fruit the OECD refuses to harvest

By Andres Knobel ■ 30 April 2019 ■ 8 min READ

Does transparency REALLY put the rich and famous at risk?

By Rachel Etter-Phoya ■ 20 March 2019 ■ 10 min READ

How to assess the effectiveness of automatic exchange of banking information?

By Andres Knobel ■ 20 December 2018 ■ 5 min READ
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The US can be blacklisted under the OECD’s new rules due to a forgotten commitment

By Andres Knobel ■ 12 December 2018 ■ 5 min READ
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More transparency rules, less tax avoidance

By TJN Admin ■ 10 December 2018 ■ 4 min READ
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The G20 and the OECD disappoint again

By Andres Knobel ■ 7 December 2018 ■ 8 min READ
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Tax justice pushes forward at OECD’s Global Forum

By Andres Knobel ■ 5 December 2018 ■ 7 min READ

The European Union, tax evasion and closing loopholes: new report

By Naomi Fowler ■ 15 October 2018 ■ 2 min READ
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EU tax haven blacklist blocks just 1% of financial secrecy services threatening EU economies

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 23 September 2018 ■ 7 min READ ■ 1 comments

Extreme inequality levels in Bermuda despite its offshore services centre, in the Tax Justice Network’s August 2018 podcast

By Naomi Fowler ■ 10 August 2018 ■ < 1

Blacklist, whitewashed: How the OECD bent its rules to help tax haven USA

By Andres Knobel ■ 27 July 2018 ■ 6 min READ ■ 1 comments
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Country by country reports: why “automatic” is no replacement for “public”

By Andres Knobel ■ 17 July 2018 ■ 10 min READ ■ 1 comments

It’s time for countries to start publishing the data they’re collecting under OECD’s Common Reporting Standard

By Andres Knobel ■ 11 July 2018 ■ 5 min READ
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A watershed year for tax justice and the road ahead

By Mark Bou Mansour ■ 27 June 2018 ■ 5 min READ

Will the EU really blacklist the United States?

By Naomi Fowler ■ 11 June 2018 ■ 3 min READ

OECD rules vs CRS avoidance strategies: not bad, but short of teeth and too dependent on good faith

By Andres Knobel ■ 27 March 2018 ■ 5 min READ

Now you see me, now you don’t: using citizenship and residency by investment to avoid automatic exchange of banking information

By Andres Knobel ■ 12 March 2018 ■ 3 min READ