Our team and structure

To operate effectively as an international research and advocacy group we have created a team dedicated to:

  • Coordinating research activities;
  • Preparing reports, articles, blogs, books and other materials;
  • Preparing and publishing Tax Justice Focus, the monthly Taxcast and other regular outputs;
  • Organising research workshops, conferences and other events; and
  • Engaging in advocacy work at a multilateral level.

The TJN team works with a wide variety of network partners in many countries across the world, including the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation (ICRICT) and is a member of the Financial Transparency Coalition.

Tax Justice Network Limited is a British registered company limited by guarantee (Company number 5327842). The company has its registered address at 38 Stanley Avenue, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 2JG, UK. You can find the profiles and contact details of our directors here.

TJN employed or engaged the following staff and project consultants on a full or part-time basis:

  • John Christensen, Director, based in Chesham, U.K.;
  • Alex Cobham, Chief Executive, based in Oxford, U.K.;
  • Naomi Fowler, Radio producer and media co-ordinator, based in London;
  • Moran Harari, Researcher, based in Tel Aviv, Israel;
  • Andres Knobel, Researcher, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • Sarah Knott, Media support, based in Kent, U.K.;
  • Markus Meinzer, Director and senior research analyst, based in Marburg, Germany;
  • Liz Nelson, Director, operations; and tax justice & human rights, based in Oxford;
  • Glyn Pritchard, Management accounting & reporting, based in Oxford, U.K.;
  • Nicholas Shaxson, Writer and researcher, based in Berlin, Germany.
  • George Turner, Researcher, based in London, U.K.

Payroll services are provided by Fenside Accounting LLP.  Tax Justice Focus series editorial are provided by Dan Hind. Design and layout services are provided by The Argument by Design.  Banking services are provided by the Cooperative Bank and Triodos Bank. Insurance services are provided by Fairweather Insurance Ltd and Avanti.

The TJN team is committed to best practice in accountability and transparency of its operations.  As part of this process, the Directors of Tax Justice Network Limited report on risk factors and governance in their annual report.  The Director’s report and accounts for the latest period can be downloaded here.

Tax Justice Network Limited is funded by a variety of donors.  Details of funding are given in the annual report and accounts.


John Christensen  +44 (0) 7979 868 302
Alex Cobham  +44 (0) 7982 236 863
Liz Nelson        +44 (0) 7887 740 798
Markus Meinzer    +49 (0) 178 340 5673
Nicholas Shaxson    +49 (0) 172 772 9806
George Turner +44 7540 252850

To contact us by email, please use our contact form.


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