Nick Shaxson ■ On the closure of the Argentinian think tank Cefid-AR


TJN laments the closure of the Centro de Economía y Finanzas para el Desarrollo de la Argentina” (Cefid-ar), an Argentine organisation heavily involved in research on illicit financial flows.

Their work has shed light on capital flight from Argentina, estimating the figures of hidden money held offshore by Argentine residents. Their papers also focused and explained the role of enablers in the illicit financial flows system, and provided insight on transfer mispricing mechanisms by agribusiness exporters, one of the main economic sectors of the country.

Many of Cefid-ar members, including Jorge Gaggero, Verónica Grondona and Magdalena Rua have been very involved with TJN and have helped raise awareness and understanding of the issues related to tax havens, secrecy, tax evasion and avoidance. We hope Cefid-ar, their expertise and skills will soon be able to keep on carrying their important work.

As an update, Verónica Grondona has just co-authored (with Martin Burgos) a policy brief “Mispricing Argentine soybean exports,” published by NUPI with background in research work done at CEFID-AR.  An early study on transfer pricing manipulation in Argentina is here.

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