Nick Shaxson ■ The Price of Offshore Revisited – new material


TJN logoWe published a long rebuttal yesterday to an attack on TJN by two U.S. academics, supported by the lobbying arm of the British tax haven of Jersey, which has publicised it at a conference in London today. The attack focused quite heavily on our 2012 report The Price of Offshore Revisited, which estimated that there is some $21-32 trillion sitting offshore, substantially in conditions of secrecy and low or zero taxation.

In our rebuttal to the academics we promised to publish a second document today, backing the Price of Offshore Revisited with additional sourcing and information, and further explaining why we think our 2012 estimates were conservative.

This second document, containing a wealth of data, sources and analysis, is now available.

To read it, please click here.

We will post this permanently on our reports page. Feedback, as always, is most welcome.

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