Tax Justice Research Bulletin

Alex Cobham, TJN's esteemed Director of Research, produces the Research Bulletin

Alex Cobham, TJN’s esteemed Director of Research, produces the Research Bulletin

June 29, 2015 – Tax Justice Research Bulletin 1(6)

  • Finance For Development: are direct taxes best? (Reeves, Gourtsoyannis, Basu, McCoy, McKee andStuckler, The Lancet)
  • Big Tobacco and the world’s single best health policy (Bill Savedoff, Albert Alwang)
  • Accounting data: a tool for obscuring and manipulating tax data? (Prem Sikka, Richard Murphy)

June 1, 2015 – Tax Justice Research Bulletin 1(5)

  • Octopuses and arrows: Who makes and influences the international tax rules? (Rasmus Corlin Christensen)
  • The Financial Secrecy Index: grappling with definitions of the term ‘tax haven’ (Cobham, Jansky, Meinzer)
  • IMF: developing countries’ BEPS revenue losses exceed $200 billion (IMF Fiscal Affairs)

May 6, 2015 – Tax Justice Research Bulletin 1(4)

  • Myths vs evidence: Tax cuts for the 10% (Owen Zidar)
  • Base erosion and profit-shifting: What do we know? (BEPS Monitoring Group)
  • Greek tragedy: Reversing development through tax (Yiorgos Yoannidis)

March 31, 2015 – Tax Justice Research Bulletin 1(3)

  •  Responsibilities of tax professionals (Gillian Brock, Hamish Russell)
  • Spotlight: tax and freedom (James Mahon)
  • The failures of international financial regulation: 1974 all over again (Catherine Schenck)
  • UNCTAD and MNE activities and taxes in developing countries (UNCTAD)

March 2, 2015 – Tax Justice Research Bulletin 1(2)

  • Modelling “Luxleaks” (Jie Ma, Pascalis Raimondos-Møller)
  • Spotlight: Measuring tax non-compliance (various: TJN; U.S. IRS; Artavanis, Morse,  Tsoutsoura; Zucman; Schneider; Cobham; Murphy.)
  • Income Inequality (Banco BBVA)

Jan 30, 2015 – Tax Justice Research Bulletin 1(1)

  • Lo-o-ng run tax data: Sweden, 1862-2013 (IFN, Sweden)
  • Property tax and state-building (Nara Monkam, ATAF and Mick Moore, ICTD)
  • Spotlight: Redistribution, assets and inequality (Pierre Kohler, UN-DESA)

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