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Taxing Money Madness – now is the perfect time for FTT/Robin Hood tax

August 28, 2015   Blog, Tax Havens & Financial Crisis
James S. Henry

James S. Henry

Taxing Money Madness — Why This Is A Perfect Time for a Robin Hood Levy on Financial Transactions

A guest blog for TJN by James S. Henry

If ever there was a perfect time to revisit the proposal to adopt a so-called “Robin Hood tax” (AKA the “financial transactions tax,” or the “Tobin tax“) and make it global, this is it.

In the last week we’ve just seen a very compelling reminder of why the Yale Prof. James Tobin (1972), a Nobel Laureate, and long before him, J.M. Keynes, a Cambridge don, were outspoken advocates of taxing financial transactions – in the case of Tobin, only currency purchase, but in the case of Keynes, all transactions in financial assets that might be subject to the speculative furies.

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