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The 3rd International Conference on Beneficial Ownership Registries in Buenos Aires


As we mentioned recently on our blog the 3rd International Conference on Beneficial Ownership Registries took place in Buenos Aires on June 21st-22nd at Argentina’s Central Bank. This was another successful event attended by the Tax Justice Network’s Andres Knobel, who reports back to us here on the dicussions there:

Second high-level symposium on beneficial ownership transparency in Buenos Aires, August 31st/September 1st

August 30, 2016   Blog
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Tax Justice Network together with Argentina’s Anti-Corruption Office, Argentina’s General Prosecution Office (Ministerio Público Fiscal), the Central Bank and other NGOs including Fundación SES, Red de Justicia Fiscal LACLatindadd and CIPCE will host a two-day event involving government and civil society concerning the need for registries of beneficial ownership (click here to see full program in spanish). The second edition of this event which first took place in 2015, will be held again at one of the main halls of Argentina’s Central Bank and will be one of the principal gatherings of government agencies and NGOs from the region to discuss this topic.

Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer: ‘they want to crucify me, as an example to other bankers’

Elmer (right) and the symbolic handover

Elmer (right) in a symbolic handover of data to Julian Assange

Rudolf Elmer, the Swiss whistleblower who has been pursued by Swiss courts for a decade and served over half a year in prison while accused of (according to Switzerland’s peculiar courts) violating the Swiss banking secrecy law, now faces two more court trials: one, on June 23rd, as part of the ongoing case for which he has already been in prison; and one on June 24th, relating to the symbolic handover of a data file to Julian Assange at the Frontline Club in London.

Journalists, save the date: June 23 and June 24. Though the Brexit vote will dominate media coverage around that time, don’t forget Elmer. 

In an email to TJN last week, Elmer said:

Switzerland rejects request from Argentina on leaked HSBC accounts

Hervé Falciani, HSBC whistleblower

Hervé Falciani, HSBC Swiss whistleblower

From Argentina’s La Nacion newspaper:

“Switzerland has denied the Argentine judicial authorities information about 4,000 or so Argentine-owned bank accounts in Switzerland, saying that Argentina’s request had no solid foundation.”

This concerns data revealed by an HSBC whistleblower, Hervé Falciani, which has caused a political storm in many countries and forced Falciani to go into hiding. 

On the closure of the Argentinian think tank Cefid-AR

TJN laments the closure of the Centro de Economía y Finanzas para el Desarrollo de la Argentina” (Cefid-ar), an Argentine organisation heavily involved in research on illicit financial flows.

Their work has shed light on capital flight from Argentina, estimating the figures of hidden money held offshore by Argentine residents. Their papers also focused and explained the role of enablers in the illicit financial flows system, and provided insight on transfer mispricing mechanisms by agribusiness exporters, one of the main economic sectors of the country.

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