• 13Jul

    Post-Panama Papers sunlight on New Zealand Trusts

    If you ever wondered what kind of response to a financial transparency law might indicate a corrupted financial secrecy [...]  Read More →
  • 12Jul

    Half measures mean Mauritius will continue to be a tax haven for the developing world

    There was news this week that Mauritius has signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to [...]  Read More →
  • 11Jul

    Our July 2017 Spanish language Podcast: Justicia ImPositiva, nuestro podcast de julio 2017

    Welcome to this month’s latest podcast and radio programme in Spanish with Marcelo Justo and Marta Nuñez, downloaded and [...]  Read More →
  • 10Jul

    Links Jul 10

    Ecuador lawmakers approve ‘historic’ tax haven law International Investment Cites TJN’s chief executive @alexcobham  [...]  Read More →
  • 10Jul

    G20: Pressure rising on tax haven USA

    Whilst the eyes of the world focused on the isolation of the US from the ‘G19’ position on climate change, something [...]  Read More →
  • 06Jul

    EU-US tax war comes to the G20

    The Juncker/Tusk letter of 4 July setting out common positions for the EU at the G20 throws down a direct challenge to the [...]  Read More →


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