• 20Jun

    Historic event on women, human rights and tax justice in Bogota

    Last week civil society organisations, researchers, labour union activists and policy makers met in Bogota, Colombia to [...]  Read More →
  • 16Jun

    Links Jun 16

    Tax transparency and the end of transfer pricing: A few quick thoughts on where things stand in the battle for fair taxation [...]  Read More →
  • 15Jun

    Our June 2017 Spanish language Podcast: Justicia ImPositiva, nuestro podcast de junio 2017

    Welcome to this month’s latest podcast and radio programme in Spanish with Marcelo Justo and Marta Nuñez, downloaded and [...]  Read More →
  • 13Jun

    The 3rd International Conference on Beneficial Ownership Registries, Argentina

    The 3rd International Conference on Beneficial Ownership Registries will take place in Buenos Aires on June 21st-22nd at [...]  Read More →
  • 13Jun

    Links Jun 13

    Africa: Global South Calls for International Body to Fight Tax Havens Uncova Uganda: Civil Society challenges Harmful Tax [...]  Read More →
  • 13Jun

    EU Parliament multinational transparency vote introduces ‘commercial confidentiality’ loophole

    Yesterday the European Parliament held a crucial tax justice vote on making multinational companies with an annual net [...]  Read More →


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