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Illicit Capital Flows and the Offshore Economy

For a general “Magnitudes” page giving estimates of the size of illicit financial flows and other measurements that are of interest to TJN, click here.

< Update: March 2009. Christian Aid’s False Profits: robbing the poor to keep the rich tax-free estimates that between 2005 and 2007, the total amount of capital flow from bilateral trade mispricing into the EU and the US alone from non-EU countries is estimated conservatively at more than US$1.1tn (£581.4bn, €850.1bn) >

< Update: March 2009. Oxfam estimates that developing countries miss out on up to $124 billion every year in lost income from offshore assets held in tax havens. >

< Invitation to participate in a workshop on Erosion of Public Finances in Developing Countries: Illicit Flows and Commercial Corruption, National Autonomous University of Mexico, September 2009 >

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