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President Trump visits La-La-Laffer Land

Inspired by Mad magazine

        Inspired by Mad magazine

Taken as a whole, the tax plans just announced by US President Donald Trump, which include abolition of the inheritance tax, could represent the largest tax cut for billionaires and millionaires in US history.  According to the President, this will stimulate growth and job creation.  There’s no evidence to support this; in fact the evidence suggests the exact opposite.

Trump wins in a corrupted economy: welcome to #Truxit

November 9, 2016   AllNorthAmerica, Blog

So, Donald J Trump has won the US elections. Here’s what we’d have liked to have been able to write today: “The United States will have its first woman president – instead of the first president for years who refused to publish his tax returns; whose business affairs consistently demonstrate an affinity for tax manipulation and financial opacity; whose tax policy proposals imply a deepening of income inequality, and an acceleration of the race to the bottom in the taxation of multinational companies.” But instead we’re preparing to track the implications of Donald Trump’s election victory over the coming weeks and months in the various fields of importance to the global tax justice agenda.

Panama: the making of a tax haven and rogue state

Source: APIntertrust Corp

         Source: APIntertrust Corp

Panama is attracting much media attention at the moment, and for good reason.  Earlier this month we blogged on a BBC Hard Talk interview with Panama’s Vice President which referred to our comment that Panama gives “the middle finger” to the rest of the world when it comes to tackling financial crimes. 

Tax Haven USA – part two: Rothschilds (nearly) confirms Tax Justice Network position

City Spy

One year ago, Tax Justice Network published a blog detailing the ways in which the USA is steadily turning itself into a vortex-shaped hole in the global financial system.  Others have picked up on the theme, including The Economist which rightly labelled the USA as “the mega-haven”.  Now, according to London’s Evening Standard newspaper, tax advisers at exclusive Rothschild Trust are (nearly, but not quite) joining the bandwagon.

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