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Bbumba: I Signed $157M Tax Waiver to Oil Company Without Reading Agreement

May 10, 2017   Africa, Blog

From TJN’s Department of ‘You Couldn’t Make This Up’: the East African press is reporting that Uganda’s former Energy Minister, Syda Bhumba, has confirmed that she signed a tax waiver agreement with UK company, Tullow Oil, without reading the document.  The waiver, which exempted both income and capital gains from tax, is being disputed by the Uganda Revenue Authority on the grounds that she had no authority to sign such a waiver since authority in this area lies with the Finance Minister.


Tackling unfair tax treaties between developing countries and the UK, in UK Parliament today

Today the British Parliament will debate a Bill that tries to tackle unfair tax treaties between the UK and developing countries, some of which go back to the 1940s, sometimes when countries were still British colonies. It’s an initiative we very much welcome and we hand over to our friends at Action Aid UK to tell you more about it:

Panama Papers: the role of Western secrecy jurisdictions in looting Africa

November 10, 2016   Africa, AllAfrica, Blog

This blog comes from Johannesburg, South Africa, where investigative journalists from 28 countries are sharing their work at the African Investigative Journalism Conference. One session looked at stories dug out from the Panama Papers leak from offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca and investigations which have revealed a colourful mix of characters involved in looting Africa.

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