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The OECD – penalising developing countries for trying to tackle tax avoidance

March 7, 2017   Blog, Country by Country

The OECD’s new terms of reference to assess the implementation by countries of BEPS Action 13 related to Country-by-Country Reports (CbCR) may penalise countries, especially developing ones, that try to obtain by their own means the CbCR’s valuable data needed to tackle multinational tax avoidance.

Country-by-Country Reports (CbCR) (to be prepared by multinationals with group revenues over EUR 750 million) will offer information on multinational economic activity, profits and tax paid broken down for each country where they operate. This CbCR “map” will reveal any misalignments between the location of real activity, and where profits are ultimately declared to hold both multinationals and tax havens to account.

Good news from Slovakia: light cast onto shell companies

March 7, 2017   Beneficial Ownership, Blog

Second time lucky? About a year ago in Slovakia some opposition politicians pushed hard for a promising law to shed light onto anonymous ownership through shell companies. The Tax Justice Network supported their efforts by writing a letter to the Prime Minster at the time. Despite widespread public anger about corrupt practices, the law was blocked by the legislature. Now, after a second attempt the law has been passed, pretty much in its original form. This is great news.

An assistant to an opposition Member of the Slovak Parliament now takes up the story:

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Politicians and their tax returns: a new project from Finance Uncovered

March 2, 2017   Blog

We’re pleased to share this information on a very important new project – the Tax Disclosure Project – just launched by our friends at Finance Uncovered, a project originally set up by the Tax Justice Network.

The project is requesting that politicians around the world disclose their tax returns, and is inspired by the incredible work of journalist Umar Cheema of the Centre for Investigative Reporting. Umar succeeded in making Pakistan the fourth country in the world to publish the tax returns of its Parliamentarians. We interviewed him here on our monthly podcast below, the Taxcast back in 2015. It’s well worth a listen. It’s cued up to start from the special feature featuring his interview:

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MP’s from Africa and Asia pledge to collaborate in illicit financial flows fight The Nation

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