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If Ireland is not a tax haven, what is it? A bagel?

January 15, 2014   Blog

From the Treasure Islands blog, reposted with permission.

Ireland continues to annoy me. Not Ireland the country, of course: it’s just the tax haven industry that has grown upthere. It annoys me because there are so many influential voices there that deny Ireland is a tax haven. All tax havens deny being tax havens, but Ireland seems to have taken it to extremes of huffing and puffing: a veritable industry of tax haven deniers has grown up there. I guess it is the sheer scale of the dishonesty that riles me.

Tax justice: a human rights issue

January 13, 2014   Blog, Human Rights

Tax justice: a human rights issue
Adrienne Margolis
November 2013

If you ask the question “Is tax justice a human rights issue?” you tend to get one of two responses. Some people say of course it is; others can’t see the link at all.

But if you say there is a relationship between tax and poverty, people often see it more clearly.

Time to abolish the corporate tax? Part 2: Only fools or shills would agree

January 7, 2014   Blog, Corporate Tax

Yesterday we posted a blog looking at a New York Times editorial entitled Abolish the Corporate Income Tax, exposing many of the numerous fallacies and misunderstandings at the base of it. Forgive us for going on about this, but it is important.

Now Citizens for Tax Justice in the U.S. has produced an article of their own, which complements ours and adds several more important points. It starts like this:

Another year, another campaign to give even bigger breaks to corporations and claim that this will create jobs.

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