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Bitcoin scandal: the role of Delaware secrecy

March 11, 2014   Blog, Secrecy

Bitcoin: promotional image

We have for many years been describing Delaware as an offshore secrecy jurisdiction (or tax haven) inside the United States. It is not so much tax, as secrecy and laissez-faire corporate governance (and ugly related matters) that are the tiny state’s core offerings, along with all that judicial experience that comes with being the ask-no-questions incorporation capital of the United States. Read more about Delaware and the U.S. as secrecy jurisdictions, here.  

Links Mar 7

Swiss parliament relaxes terms for tax data exchange swissinfo
“Parliament has approved a legal amendment that tax evaders will not always have to be told if Switzerland sends information about them to other countries.” But to what extent is this just lip-service? How do trusts, foundations and shell company structures factor in? See also: Credit Suisse U.S. Clients in Limbo as Probe Inches Ahead Bloomberg, and very insightful commentary in The ongoing ethics struggle of banks Reuters

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