Our international network

The Tax Justice Network has been one of the most important players, and arguably the most important single player bringing tax justice to global attention since 2003. Read a short, informal history of our network here.

As our many adversaries will admit, we are hard-hitting in our criticisms of tax havens and tax injustice. We do not pull our punches. We focus on research and advocacy, and although we are not a campaigning organisation we work with numerous campaigning partners, at a global, regional and country level.

See more about our partners here; see also the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, which was spun off from TJN in 2013.

New members are joining the tax justice movement every month; we may miss important details on this page. Please contact us if you think we should add to or otherwise amend this page.

Global partners

The Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ)  emerged from TJN and remains closely allied to us, though it is organisationally independent. It focuses more on campaigning. See also its site Tackle Tax Havens.

Actionaid. Influential and active in tax justice.

Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs (AABA): see the Offshore Watch website.

Attac International (and regional partners). Working on some of our issues even before TJN was born in 2003.

Bretton Woods Project maintaining a critical eye on the World Bank and the IMF

Christian Aid    Historically a big player in tax justice. Tax Justice campaign and associated blog.

Eurodad. Debt, development finance and poverty reduction

Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC)

Finance Watch. Making finance serve society.

Global Witness. Natural resources, transparency, conflict and justice.


Publish What You Pay. Transparency in the extractive industries.

War on Want – Tax Justice Now

Regional partners


TJN Africa


Asian Tax Justice Alliance. Click here – and follow links to sub-regional organisations.

Equitybd, Bangladesh

Europe and Nordics

TJN Nordic

Eurodad – see their tax justice site.

Latin America

North America

TJN Canada


Country partners and allies



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Equitybd, Bangladesh


Het Grote Geld – Tax Justice site of the Belgian Financial Action Network


Canadians for Tax Fairness – CTF.



Plateforme Paradis Fiscaux et Judiciaires and the related site ArgentSale.

Experts comptables sans frontières. Accountants beyond borders, France

Attac France: Campagnes paradis fiscaux

Survie. Democratising France’s role in Africa.


TJN Germany, via its blog here.


Tax Justice Network Netherlands

SOMO, a centre for research on multinational corporations.



Berne Declaration. Wide-ranging work on globalisation and tax justice issues.

Alliance Sud. Wide-ranging work on tax justice issues, with a development focus.

United Kingdom and assorted dependencies

Tax Research UK. By Richard Murphy, who has worked with TJN over many years.

Jersey ATTAC

Tax Justice UK, a network of UK based activists, supporters and NGO’s

United States

Tax Justice Network USA.

Citizens for Tax Justice. Massively influential, pre-dating TJN by decades. See also its sister organisation ITEP.

Global Financial Integrity – working principally on illicit financial flows.

Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) coalition.

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