Our accounts

TJN International receives funding from a variety of sources. In 2013 our grant income amounted to £734,559 and expenditure amounted to £752,671.  We try to keep our administrative overheads to a minimum.

Full accounts can be found in the links below.

The 2015 accounts (abbreviated version here.)

The 2014 accounts

The 2013 accounts

The 2012 accounts

The 2011 accounts

The 2010 accounts

The 2009 accounts

The 2008 accounts

The 2007 accounts

The 2006 accounts 

The 2005 accounts

The 2005 accounts provide a full record of funding since TJN’s launch in 2003.

Several individuals – notably our senior advisers – have provided valuable pro bono work, for which we express gratitude.

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