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Links Jun 27

June 27, 2017
World Public Services Day - campaign highlights Global Alliance for Tax Justice Want to fund better public services? End corporate tax dodging PSI / The Guardian Expiry date in tax havens? Jersey shares 'old' records of trusts & foundations The Economic Times 'The worst fear of those with secret offshore bank accounts and private trusts is coming true...' Tax justice features heavily in accountancy’s top ten influencers Tax Research UK Why MEPs should vote in favour of releasing public country-by-country reporting as open data Open Knowledge International Blog Corporations secretly lobbying UN to allow tax avoidance in its anti-poverty agenda Humanosphere Transparency in Corporate Ownership Key to Breaking India’s Financial Secrecy Financial Transparency Coalition LuxLeaks: Luxembourg’s response to an international tax scandal Financial Times 'Damaging attacks on sweetheart deals have forced policy changes' Nigeria: Money laundering: Putting banks on the spot Punch Mozambique: Audit into 'hidden debts' shows at least $713m missing IOL See also: Credit Suisse's Handsome Return in Mozambique finews New UK Laws Combat Money Laundering Through Scottish Limited Partnerships OCCRP France: Congo President’s Daughter Charged With Money Laundering OCCRP US senators renew effort to outlaw shell companies Financial Times 'US lawmakers are launching a fresh effort to outlaw “shell companies” amid fears that Russia is exploiting such opaque corporate vehicles to spread its influence.' Strengthened EU rules to tackle money laundering, tax avoidance and terrorism financing enter into force European Commission - Press release The British Virgin Islands is trying to prove its not a tax haven -- campaigners aren't buying it Business Insider Tax havens really do mess up our economy Tax Research UK  
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