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Ecuador lawmakers approve ‘historic’ tax haven law International Investment
Cites TJN’s chief executive @alexcobham 

Some UK offshore entities’ beneficial ownership registries start date pushed back International Investment

Tax & Extractives: Brazil’s mining model Global Alliance for Tax Justice

International Center Launched to Combat “Global Scourge” of Grand Corruption OCCRP

New Zealand: Panama fallout answers the question of trusts

Latvian Bank Fined €80 million for Money Laundering, Will Appeal OCCRP
Fined by French court for ‘almost the equivalent of its 2016 net profit – for being involved in a vast tax avoidance and money laundering scheme’

Ireland: Loophole lets firms earning millions pay €250 tax, Dáil told The Irish Times
Claim that public money is being used in massive tax-avoidance scheme … by vulture funds

Multinationals benefit hugely from Dutch tax haven deals, says NRC Dutch News

The Obiang Trial The Kleptocast

FACT Sheet: Anonymous Companies and National Security (June 2017) FACT Coalition

Why the US needs to put an end to anonymously-owned companies Global Witness

Why Miami Matters Kleptocracy Initiative
‘While it is difficult to ascertain the legitimacy of money transferred through anonymous companies, it is clear that the secrecy surrounding these legal entities offers a veil of impunity for real estate purchases that would otherwise arouse suspicion.’

Ten ways HMRC can tell if you’re a tax cheat Financial Times
‘The authority’s latest battlefronts in the war on evasion’

Global private wealth to exceed $200 trillion as the rich get richer
‘The largest financial centres of offshore wealth are unsurprisingly largely renowned as tax havens’



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