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Nigeria to Vietnam – global week of action snapshot, in #TaxJustice for #Public Services campaign Global Alliance for Tax Justice

Zimbabwe: Communities empowered to drive the tax justice campaign Mukasiri Sibanda’s Blog

Tax evasion and dirty money are draining Africa Mail & Guardian

Pakistan must boost tax revenue to finance development: UNDP Dawn

Operation Car Wash: An 11-Country Project on Cross-Border Corruption Global Investigative Journalism Network

Agents of Inequality: How Wealth Managers to the Super-Rich Undermine Society and What We Can Do About It The Nation

Australian Police Seize US$53 Million in Assets From Massive Tax Fraud OCCRP

Luxembourg: Bank Edmond de Rothschild fined almost €9 million for alleged involvement in Malaysian 1MDB scandal Luxemburger Wort

Island states targeted in great power competition Asia Times
‘Small island nations lacking in exploitable natural resources and industrial capacity often develop into financial hubs, tax havens or other offshore capital services to supplement national income derived mainly from tourism to their palm-dotted beaches and lagoons.’ Read about the Finance Curse here.

Proposed changes to the Canada Revenue Agency’s Voluntary Disclosures Program are welcome Canadians for Tax Fairness

Denmark Cracks Down on Money Laundering as Bankers Face Prison Bloomberg

UNU-WIDER Working Paper: Working Paper Tax revenue mobilization in conflict-affected developing countries ICTD

Poland scales back debt after tax crackdown Financial Times (paywall)

Marian Reviews Blank’s ‘The Timing Of Tax Transparency’ TaxProf Blog

Switzerland: Companies ‘making progress’ on ethical standards swissinfo
‘The government has defined corporate social responsibility as a contribution to sustainable development by companies. It covers a wide range of aspects, including working conditions, human rights, environment, anti-corruption measures, consumer interests and taxes.’


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