Links Mar 17

The problems with measuring tax systems SPERI
‘In debates about tax policy we need to de-emphasise the role of economics and measurement and rekindle the politics’. Blog by TJN’s Nicholas Shaxson, author of Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World.

Re-framing tax spillover SPERI
By Andrew Baker and Richard Murphy.

The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management – On the International Campaign against Grand Corruption
New book by Jason Sharman

How human rights law has been used to guarantee corporations a ‘right to profit The Conversation
Read about Tax Justice and Human Rights here.

Pakistan can pay off whole debt with money in Swiss banks: PIAF Pakistan Observer

Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer files complaint against General Counsel of Julius Baer – false testemony In$ide ParadePlatz

Swiss Supreme Court approves France’s demand for disclosure of UBS client account STEP

Poland to tackle tax fraud at G20 summit Radio Poland

How To Stop Trump From Creating The World’s Biggest Tax Haven Worldcrunch

“Certain tax politics mark the unequal development of Women” Global Alliance for Tax Justice

“Why tax policy must be dealt with by the feminist movement” Global Alliance for Tax Justice

Brazil prosecutor aims graft probe at dozens of politicians – Odebrecht case Reuters

Exclusive: Odebrecht Peru may miss payments to creditors as assets seized – source Reuters

Peru tax authority carries out 30 audits on persons in the entertainment industry STEP
‘tax inconsistencies to the combined sum of PEN81 million (approx. USD24.6 million)’

Ireland cries foul over competition for Brexit moves Reuters
Read about the Race to the Bottom here.

Andorra bank seeks probe after U.S. Treasury forced closure for ‘money laundering’ Reuters

Denmark should impose stricter money laundering rules after Panama Papers – minister Reuters



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