Links Mar 13

Corporate taxation key to protecting human rights in the global economy CESR

UN urges US to not exploit American Samoa The Guam Daily Post
‘The United Nations has “strongly urged” the United States to refrain from using American Samoa as, among other things, a tax haven’. A significant shift? Development policy guidance recognises that tax havenry hurts the local population.

Luxembourg Frieden says government should lower taxes for companies, private individuals Luxemburger Wort
‘…says Luxembourg must become more competitive when it comes to taxes’. Read about the Race to the Bottom, here.

The West and the Narrative of ‘African corruption’ Review of African Political Economy

Pakistan: Swiss safe haven The News International

Swiss assistance possible even with stolen banking data swissinfo
‘Switzerland’s Supreme Court has ruled that authorities can give legal assistance to France on suspected tax dodgers even if the client’s bank details were stolen from UBS France.’ (We would rather say ‘leaked’ than ‘stolen’). See also: UBS French Unit Faces Witness-Tampering Probe After Tax Case Bloomberg

Looking for Hidden Black Money? London Might be the Place to Start The Wire

Shell companies: Bombardier employee arrested, others questioned in Swedish bribery probe CBC

U.S.: Wealthy Would Get Billions in Tax Cuts Under Obamacare Repeal Plan The New York Times

U.S.: Corporate Incentives Cost U.S. $45 Billion in 2015, Don’t Really Work Slate

‘‘The rich have the lawyers’: Professional classes ‘enabled’ Panama Papers tax evasion scandal’ CommonSpace
Read about Enablers and Intermediaries here.

Cayman Islands postpones CRS reporting deadline for banks STEP

Statement on EITI Project-Level Reporting Requirement and Azerbaijan Suspension National Resource Governance Institute



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