Links Mar 10

Public Beneficial Ownership Registries- A Shot In The Arm In The Fight Against Illicit Financial Flows Financial Transparency Coalition

European Parliament takes on financial crime with tough proposals Sven Giegold

More evidence in the case against Luxembourg FT Alphaville

Sweden Targets Tax Avoiders With ‘Beneficial Owner’ Registry Blomberg BNA

Jersey returns confiscated assets to Kenya STEP

Latin American tax amnesties test private banks’ stamina Nasdaq / Breaking Views

International Call to Support and Internationalize the Belgian Law on Vulture Funds Comitteefor the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM)

U.S.: New Bill Takes Aim at Offshore Tax Avoidance FACT Coalition

Profitable Companies, No Taxes: Here’s How They Did It The New York Times
See also: The 35 Percent Corporate Tax Myth ITEP, and Ten Things to Know About Companies That Don’t Pay Taxes Bloomberg

UK: Tough penalties for enablers of tax avoidance The Guardian
Read about Enablers and Intermediaries here.

50% of assets managed by Swiss banks belong to foreigners The News International

Swiss Banking Giant Can’t Be Sued in California Courthouse New Service
‘Bahamian trust belonging to a deceased Indonesian politician’ tries to sue UBS

How to become an international gold smuggler’ Bloomberg
No surprise, the story involves shell companies

Italy Joins The European Race To Attract Wealthy Foreigners Forbes
‘Various countries including Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and Ireland have been chasing high net worth individuals with various incentives.’ – that is, tax breaks.

The Most Desirable Passports On Earth Don’t Include America’s Bloomberg
About a firm that “aims to help wealthy adventurers reduce their tax burden by relocating abroad”.

Private Banking: Rich People on the Move finews



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