Links Mar 9

Taxes & Women’s Rights? Global Alliance for Tax Justice
See also: Happy International Women’s Day wrapup

We managed tax transparency in Pakistan. Why not everywhere else?The Guardian
By Umar Cheema. See Politicians and their tax returns: a new project from Finance Uncovered 

MEPs vote to include all trusts in beneficial ownership registers International Investment
See Trusts – Weapons of Mass Injustice: new Tax Justice Network report

EU-US trade and investment relations: Effects on tax evasion, money laundering and tax transparency European Parliament

U.S. Emerging as ‘Leading’ Tax, Secrecy Haven, EU Report Says Bloomberg BNA
U.S. ranks 3rd on TJN’s Financial Secrecy Index

Lax Oversight of Swiss Lawyers Blamed in EU’s Panama Probe Bloomberg BNA

Swiss Banks: We Have Nothing More to Say to EU’s Panama Panel  Bloomberg BNA

Luxembourg: Shadow boxing over Panama Papers Delano

India: 41 named in Panama Papers under Enforcement Directorate lens The Hindu

Canada: Royal Bank closes 40 accounts following internal Panama Papers probe CBC

Brexit and Britain’s dutch disease FT Alphaville
Drawn straight from the Finance Curse thesis

The U.S. government has no way of telling who is behind companies it does business with, or what risk they pose to our security Global Witness

U.S.: Caterpillar Is Accused in Report to Federal Investigators of Tax Fraud The New York Times

The oil deal, the disgraced former minister, and $800m paid via a UK bank The Guardian

UK: £220,000: the price super-rich will pay to keep their privacy The Guardian



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