Links Feb 8

Global investment flowing through tax havens grows by $700bn Public Finance International

Luxembourg expects more companies to leave over tax scrutiny Financial Times
“Finance minister expects some international groups to follow lead set by McDonald’s”

‘Appealing Apple tax decision a mistake’ – academic Irish Independent

Event: Maintaining the momentum for the SDGs – Latin America The Guardian

Are taxes good for your health? UNU-Wider
Working Paper by @CarterPaddy and TJN chief executive @alexcobham

Think tanks, evidence and policy: democratic players or clandestine lobbyists? LSE
See also our earlier blog Transparency, Lobbying and Fake News: how transparent are think tanks?

‘The UK is a tax haven’ – Bermuda attacks plan to end financial secrecy The Guardian

Tax Justice and Inequality in Peru: Our future at risk Oxfam – report from October 2016 (In Spanish)

Tanzania’s President Focus Again On Acacia Mining’s Tax Evasion allAfrica / Tanzania Business Ethics

The Odebrecht scandal brings hope of reform – Revelations of wholesale bribery may mark a turning-point in Latin America’s battle against corruption The Economist
Brazil’s Odebrecht ‘set up a Division of Structured Operations – a “bribes department” – which directed the payments through a series of offshore shell companies.’ See also:
Brazil’s Supreme Court Authorizes Odebrecht Plea Deal The Wall Street Journal

Dirty Secrets: How Tax Havens Destroy the Economy– new book by Richard Murphy

UK: It’s time corporate tax dodgers started losing lucrative council contracts The Guardian
For more on tax justice and public contracts, listen to our January 2017 podcast: here.

Panama Papers committee delegation to Malta: visit without guests Sven Giegold
“The failure to participate in serious inquiries suggests that there is something to hide …

AC Treuhand: Deductibility of Fines for Swiss Tax Purposes and Other Implications to the Tax Sector Global Compliance News

Practicing and Prosecuting Foreign Corruption Kleptocracy Initiative

Britain to draft laws slashing tax to show EU leaders they are serious about threat to become ‘new Singapore’ The Telegraph
See our recent blogs Brexit Britain: what does the public think about tax haven plans?, and Tax haven UK? It already is …

It’s Time to Shine a Light on the Shadowy World of the Tax Middle Men Anneliese Dodds MEP via
Read more on Enablers and Intermediaries: here.

Deutsche Bank says ‘sorry’ in full-page German newspaper ads The Washington Post


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