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Cutting company tax won’t drive investment: Australia Institute Camden Haven Courier

UK ‘can’t afford tax cuts to attract more firms after Brexit’ The Telegraph
See our recent blog Tax haven UK? It already is…  

The Irish model: How low should taxes go? BBC News
See also our recent blog: Is tax avoidance at the heart of Ireland’s economic miracle?, and read about the Race to the Bottom, here.

A fair tax breakthrough in procurement Fair Tax Mark

Panama Papers: Court is in session, Pakistan holding its breath The Indian Express

EU Nations Set Up Panels, ‘Mini-Inquiries’ After Panama Leaks Bloomberg BNA

Why would you open a secret company in Panama for legitimate reasons? The Malta Independent

Proposed Repeal of U.S. Extractives Transparency Rule Would Increase Corruption and Poverty Natural Resource Governance Institute

Nigerian authorities seize billion dollar oil block from Shell and ENI following corruption probe, showing why US transparency law must be protected Global Witness
See also: Revenue disclosure laws – Cardin-Lugar and the global transparency standard Global Witness, and To Russia with love from the US Congress Oxfam – Politics of Poverty blog

Fuelling Kleptocracy: Transparency in the Extractives Industry Kleptocracy Initiative

Deutsche Bank to Pay Millions in Fines for Helping Wealthy Russians Launder US$ 10 Billion OCCRP

Ireland to get ‘majority of  Apple €13bn’ Irish Independent
‘The bulk of €13bn that the European Commission says Apple must pay in back-taxes to undo the benefits of a previous sweetheart tax deal will remain with Ireland, EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has said.’ See also: Apple has missed the deadline to pay €13bn it owes to the Irish government Irish Independent

New requirement to disclose ultimate beneficial owners of Uruguayan resident and non-resident entities STEP

If we are to have the economy we want we must get rid of tax havens Tax Research UK


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