Links Jan 19

Fight Inequality week of action is live – together we are stronger Global Alliance for Tax Justice
See also: The scourge of inequality: There can be no peace or freedom while it persists

An Economy for the 99%: It‟s time to build a human economy that benefits everyone, not just the privileged few Oxfam

Rising inequality threatens world economy, says World Economic Forum The Guardian

Nobel economist: One-percenters, pay your taxes CNN
By Joseph Stiglitz

Maltese EU Presidency: New report shows island state is a tax haven Sven Giegold
See also: Malta’s EU Council Presidency Could Deliver Falcon Punch to Tax Haven Reform Sputnik Internnational

Transfer Pricing in Argentina 1932-2015 International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD)

Spain: 37 municipalities to create zones free of tax havens Página 12 (In Spanish)

Multinational Corporations Would Receive Half a Trillion  in Tax Breaks from Trump’s Repatriation Tax Proposal ITEP Reports

Plans for Australia to adopt a ‘Google tax’ welcomed by advocacy group The Guardian

UBS Human Rights Gamble Fails finews
” … in high-profile French court case over hidden offshore accounts for the wealthy”

Panama papers: Pakistan Supreme Court asks PM Nawaz Sharif’s son to explain USD 1.9 million in earnings The Indian Express

Iceland ousted one leader named in the Panama Papers, but ended up with another on the list The Washington Post

Italian Police Arrest Seven for Major Real Estate Scam OCCRP
Story involving shell companies and offshore accounts, in Bahamas, Belize, Luxembourg, Switzerland

The dark side of Britain’s gold rush: how corruption crept into our suburbs The Guardian

Famous figures have forgotten Swiss bank accounts swissinfo

Scenes of a tax haven Página 12 (In Spanish)

In Norway you can see everyone’s tax returns. There’s a catch though World Economic Forum / Quartz



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