Links Dec 20

Sierra Leone: Open Tax Initiative unveiled Concord Times
Media-led advocacy, increasing tax education and calling for a fair, just and accountable tax system.

Apple fights back with appeal against EU Irish tax ruling BBC News
See also: Apple Tax Ruling by EU Could Be Overturned WSJ, Apple appeals landmark EU tax ruling in Luxembourg court Luxemburger Wort, and The Inside Story of Apple’s $14 Billion Tax Bill Bloomberg

French financial prosecutor opens inquiry following “Football Leaks” articles Reuters

Position of EU member states an affront to transparency Financial Transparency Coalition
EU negotiators are moving to drop provisions that would make beneficial ownership registers fully public

German states and Ministry of Finance rally behind EU-wide minimum corporate tax rate plus harmonisation of tax base Sueddeutsche Zeitung (In German)

Accounts and signatures that inflate like balloons  Página 12 (In Spanish)
Alleged money laundering and tax evasion perpetrated by family of Argentina’s president. See also: Macri, accusations of money laundering grow La Nación (In Spanish) Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero

Is tax the price we pay for a civilised society? The World Weekly

With His Family’s Fortune at Stake, President Kabila Digs In Bloomberg
‘Joseph Kabila and his relatives have built a network of businesses that reaches into every corner of Congo’s economy.’

Representation of public interest in banking Finance Watch
TJN Board Chair John Christensen on building up a movement and influencing policies on complex and technical issues: learning from the international tax campaigns.

Leak reveals Rex Tillerson, nominated by Trump to be next U.S. secretary of state, was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm The Guardian

Foreign banks in Britain pay fraction of tax rate Reuters

Airbnb UK tax history questioned as income passes through Ireland The Guardian
See also: Airbnb’s tax and its licence to operate Tax Research UK

Tax avoidance in the Berlin real estate market TJN Germany Blog (In German)

Israeli police arrest Beny Steinmetz over massive Guinea bribery case Global Witness

UK MPs unite to push for greater transparency from tax havens The Guardian
See also: Holding the UK’s tax havens to account – from Westminster Tax Research UK



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