Links Dec 6

Financing Matters: A toolkit on domestic financing for education Global Alliance for Tax Justice

Panama Struggles to Shed Its Image as a Magnet for Shady Deals The New York Times

African union-led tax justice platforms throw their support behind ICRICT Foreign Affairs

Online discussion “Europe Calling” on „Supporting whistleblowers! Meet Antoine!“, 13 December 2016, 8:00 pm Seven Giegold

Tax dodging by corporations: How can we stop the bad deals?  Fabio de Masi (In German)

Tax Breaks Are Israel’s Bait to Lure Multinational Companies Bloomberg
Read on the Race to the Bottom here

Cayman Islands allows four days to comment on company beneficial owner registry plan STEP

Family’s $29 Billion Fortune Claim Denied Amid India’s Tax Hunt Bloomberg

Maltese Finance Minister sidesteps Panama Papers inquiry GUE/NGL’s Panama Papers Blog

Trump, Cabinet could avoid millions in taxes thanks to this little-known law The Washington Post

Reaction: British tax haven used in football tax dodge Oxfam
See also: Football Leaks: Ronaldo and Mourinho accused of tax avoidance BBC News, and Footballers’ tax avoidance depends on corrupt global structures Left Foot Forward

Shell companies: Weak UK regulation lets opaque companies persist Reuters
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Can trusts still be trusted by wealthy families? Spears
TJN’s John Christensen comments: ‘for people who are really wealthy, inheritance tax has become an optional choice’

U.S. failing to curb money laundering by shell companies: task force report Reuters

Majority of London overseas property owners are registered in tax havens economia


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