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Making tax work for women’s rights ActionAid
See the report here.

Illicit financial flows and tax havens: The poor supports the rich CMI
Includes presentations from the conference ‘Lifting the Veil of Secrecy: Tax Havens, Capital Flows and Developing Countries” 

Press release: the G20 must reinforce the fight against tax evasion TJN Germany Blog (In German)

Anti-money laundering rules need to get serious about offshore secrecy GUE/NGL’s Panama Papers Blog

Panama Papers: Europol links 3,500 names to suspected criminals The Guardian
‘Law enforcement agency analysis uncovers probable matches connected to terrorism, money laundering and organised crime’

Options for strengthening global tax governance Global Policy Forum

A costly distraction: A bad time to be cutting Britain’s corporate-tax rate The Economist
See also: Trump’s Treasury pick says he wants to slash taxes across the board CNBC, and our report Ten Reasons to Defend the Corporate Income Tax

Tax evasion: When Eva Joly talks with Joseph Stiglitz Marianne (In French)

How to Hide $400 Million The New York Times
‘… the depths of an offshore financial system bigger than the U.S. economy.’

Google, Facebook Targeted by Indonesia in Push for More Tax Bloomberg

Apple’s tax affairs open the door for global corporate tax reform SPERI

Study Highlights How Rigged Tax Code Hurts Small Business, Middle Class Americans FACT Coalition
See the report: Offshore Tax Havens Cost Small Businesses on Average $5,128 a Year U.S. PIRG

Wall Street Journal Puts Foot in Mouth and Chews Via False Claim That Tax Law Change Would Lead US Companies To Move Cash to U.S. naked capitalism

Australia: Petroleum tax review announced by Coalition after revenue plunges The Guardian
‘Treasurer says companies must ‘pay their fair share’ after fears liquefied natural gas exports are not yielding sufficient revenue’. See also: Labor and Greens to use inquiry to investigate royalty regime for oil and gas companies The Guardian

Swiss ZKB Bankers Deny Claims of Helping U.S. Clients Dodge Taxes Bloomberg



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