Links Nov 25

Cutting Company Taxes is a Race to the Bottom naked capitalism
See here for more on the Race to the Bottom and Tax Wars.

Virtual Briefing: Country-by-Country Reporting
With TJN’s Alex Cobham, and hosted by Financial Transparency Coalition, on December 6

Call for papers: Taxation and Sustainable Development University of Oslo, Department of Private Law

African students campaign to recoup continent’s billions African Independent

Doubling Down on Tax Competition and Secrecy Blog: GUE/NGL investigates the Panama Papers

PanamaPapers – The Shady World of Offshore Companies Blog: GUE/NGL investigates the Panama Papers

Malta to take up anti-tax avoidance package if December’s Ecofin fails to approve it Malta Today

Australia – Too Slick: oil major BP misleads Parliament Michael West
‘When executives from BP Australia fronted the inquiry into corporate tax avoidance last year, they omitted to inform the senators presiding that their parent company had sucked out a $3.2 billion “dividend” to a tax haven…’

Ecuador to Hold Referendum on Tax Havens Telesur

Venezuela: Mossack Fonseca representative prosecuted for ‘Panama Papers’  TVN (In Spanish)

Doing Business Should Stop Promoting Tax Competition Project Syndicate

Facebook Is Next on Indonesia Tax List as Google Deal Nears Bloomberg

Ireland: Revenue to gain access to vast amount of data on offshore assets The Irish Times

What Apple Teaches About How Not to Reform Corporate Taxes Tax Notes

Bank Hapoalim to sell Swiss, Latin American banks Globes
‘Bank Hapoalim is currently being investigated by US authorities on suspicion of abetting tax evasion by its US customers. This investigation also involves customers of Bank Hapoalim Switzerland.’


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