Links Nov 21

Expert committee urges Panama to reform financial services industry ICIJ

EU consultation on disincentives for advisors for potentially aggressive tax planning schemes STEP

New Law: Luxembourg to offer easy visa for ultra-rich Luxemburger Wort

Hungary to cut corporate tax rate below Ireland’s to lowest in EU The Irish Times
See also: our blog earlier today Corporate Tax Wars: May tries to trump Trump in a race to the bottom, and read about the Race to the Bottom and Tax Wars here.

New Zealand invites financial sector to suggest exemptions from automatic exchange reporting STEP

Perfect Hindsight: on Breder Suasso of NZ and elsewhere, Global Transaction Services, of Hong Kong, Georgia (US) and London, mBank and Pekao Bank SA of Poland, and Ceska Sporitelna AS of the Czech Republic naked capitalism
‘This is a story of repeated whistleblowing by concerned global citizens …’

Panama Warns France Over Inclusion on Tax Haven List ABC News

Lessons from the U.S. for Panama Papers inquiry Blog: GUE/NGL investigates the Panama Papers

Stiglitz to MEPs: Zero tolerance towards secrecy  Blog: GUE/NGL investigates the Panama Papers

ICRICT report: End tax dumping globally Blog: GUE/NGL investigates the Panama Papers

Lithuania: Number of Panama Papers Investigations Doubles OCCRP

End London’s role as a clearing-house for dirty money The Guardian

Stubbornly Stray Clients Are Causing Banks a Big Headache finews
‘Only very rarely in the past have Swiss private bankers had to turn away funds – and they aren’t particularly good at it’

Swiss Federal Council approves report on illicit financial flows from developing countries

European Union: Country-by-Country Reporting Data—Accounting or Tax Information? Bloomberg BNA
By @RichardJMurphy

Ireland slips as an investment location for international investors Irish Independent

UK councils are increasing the pressure on tax dodging companies Christian Aid & the Fair Tax Mark, via Tax Research UK


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