Links Nov 7

Pakistan’s Supreme Court hears PM’s Panama Papers reply ICIJ
See also: Pakistan: Federal Board of Revenue breakthrough unlikely in Panama leaks probe The Express Tribune

New Zealand: Urgent money laundering crackdown post Panama Papers seems to have slowed tvnz

Argentina: The government is revamping the fight against money-laundering Buenos Aires Herald
Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero

Parliament passes €66m contract between Ghana and company with offshore links incorporated in September Ghana Business News

Nigeria, others lose $60b yearly to  illicit  financial flows, says Nigeria Labour Congress The Nation

Italy: Government woos high net worth individuals to take residence offering big break on taxes Il Sole

German chemicals firm BASF avoided nearly €1bn in tax, says report The Irish Times
‘Network of foreign subsidiaries reported key to €923 million windfall over five years.’ See also: Billions of tax avoidance: BASF has built up a perfidious tax policy Sven Giegold

Google pays €47m in tax in Ireland on €22bn sales revenue The Guardian

Wolf Richter: Come on Moody’s, Spare Us These Falsehoods: That $1.3 Trillion “Overseas Cash” Is Already in the US naked capitalism

U.S.: A Stranded $2 Trillion Overseas Stash Gets Closer to Coming Home The New York Times

‘Clear’ tax avoidance guidance for advisers issued by institutes Accountancy Age

UK’s Operation Rico turned out to be Operation PR Offshore Alert

‘Shameful’ Gatwick Airport ‘makes £800m profit but pays just £400,000 in Corporation Tax’ Mirror



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