Links Jun 17

African Governments Should Harness Taxation Opportunities To Improve Investment In Children TJN – Africa

The Panama Papers – what they mean and why they are important for Africa Financial Transparency Coalition

India: Here’s What PM Modi Can And Cannot Do About Offshore Black Money Huffington Post India

Democracy: What does it have to do with a fair taxation system? Financial Transparency Coalition

Panama Papers wins top honor at Data Journalism Awards ICIJ

Fast action on tax havens needed now The Age

Press Release: Please help reveal the truth about tax, Christian Aid urges MPs

Digging for the missing $15 billion of diamond revenue in Zimbabwe Publish What You Pay

I pay my fair share of tax, so why don’t multinationals? ActionAid UK

Microsoft’s New Plan to Avoid $9 Billion in Taxes Citizens for Tax Justice

Apple Tax Probe Verdict May Come in July, Ireland’s Noonan Says Bloomberg

Montenegro Piles Pressure on Tax Dodging Firms Balkan Insight
“Montenegrin institutions are under pressure to recover around 230 million euros in unpaid taxes from companies seen as close to the ruling elites.”

South Korea’s tax authority probing 36 wealthy for tax-dodging scam pulse

No place for accountants to hide Tax Research UK

Deals Canada signed to catch tax cheats give companies a legal loophole CBC



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The Offshore Wrapper – Friday 18 August

panama_cityThe Offshore Wrapper is our weekly roundup of news from the world of tax justice. If you want to receive the wrapper every week in your inbox, you can subscribe here.


Swiss Politicians seek to block automatic exchange of banking information with developing countries

Photo by Pedro SzekelyCould we be seeing a return to the bad old days of Swiss Banking? A right wing party in Switzerland, the Swiss People’s Party, has launched an assault on the automatic exchange of banking information, according to Swiss Daily Newspaper Tages Anzeiger.


The Offshore Wrapper – Data havens and new crackdowns on tax avoidance

Gorgeous Computer FixingsBelow is the text of the offshore wrapper,  a weekly roundup of news from the world of tax justice sent out to our mailing list. If you haven’t signed up yet and would like to receive the wrapper in your inbox every week – you can do so here.


Open data for tax justice – designing a new CbCR database

OD4TJlogoThis week, TJN participated in a design sprint in London organised by Open Knowledge International. The purpose of the sprint was to bring together coders and tax justice advocates to start work on building a database for the new country by country reporting data that we hope will be released in the future, if public […]


New research on key role major economies play in global tax avoidance

offshore-network_colorcorrectedAn important new study on Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs) from the University of Amsterdam has made some fascinating discoveries, challenging, as the Financial Secrecy Index has, the popular misconception that tax havens are only palm fringed little islands and exposing that in fact major economies play a key role in global tax avoidance. Specifically they’ve […]


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