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ActionAid Says Mines Arm Twisting Zambia Over Tax Refunds allAfrica
See also: ActionAid Accuses Glencore of Strong-Arm Tactics allAfrica

Get ready for UK extractive industries disclosure rules The FCPA Blog

Indian, Swiss tax authorities expected to meet over controversial ‘HSBC list’ The Economic Times

Brussels targets Amazon’s Luxembourg tax deal Financial Times (paywall)
“The European Commission is poised to launch a formal in-depth probe into its serious concerns over improper state aid, dragging Amazon into a multi-pronged clampdown on sweetheart tax deals that has already ensnared Apple in Ireland and Starbucks in the Netherlands.” See also: The EU confirms that Amazon has a tax avoidance case to answer Tax Research UK

How Apple’s Cork HQ became the centre of a bitter global war over corporate tax avoidance The Guardian
See also: Europeans Accuse Ireland of Giving Apple Illegal Tax Break The New York Times, and Apple’s Irish Luck The New York Times

Convicted money launderers now whistleblowers Cayman News Service

FATCA To Catch Trust Companies, Trustees Bahamas Tribune

Spanish activist group accuses Sivasankaran of global land grab livemint
“GRAIN has uncovered a worrying picture of how foreign investors are grabbing the lands of rural communities in Africa and Asia and setting up complex corporate structures to facilitate tax avoidance, kickbacks and obscene payouts to their directors”.

US Tax Inversion Planners Respond To Treasury Measures Tax-News
See also: Obama’s tax rules claim first casualty The Hill

KPMG aren’t buying the tax and morality line Tax Research UK
See also earlier blog: PWC report endorses country by country reporting for banks

London Can’t Afford To Turn A Blind Eye To Corrupt Money Transparency International / Financial Transparency Coalition Blog

Switzerland To Keep Lump-Sum Tax For Foreigners Tax-News

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The Offshore Wrapper: the Panama Papers, one year on

Photos from the Protest outside PwC 1 Embankment Place, part of the Global week of action for tax justiceWelcome to the Offshore Wrapper – your weekly update from TJN.  Happy Paniversary! This week it’s been one year since the Panama Papers were leaked, and a number of organisations around the world have been marking the occasion though the global week of action for tax justice. In London, activists from the TJN and the […]


Protesting PwC: Professionals Without Conscience

Photos from the Protest outside PwC 1 Embankment Place, part of the Global week of action for tax justiceThis week is the global week of action for tax justice and on Wednesday 5th April activists from the Tax Justice Network and Methodists for Tax Justice held a protest outside the London offices of Price Waterhouse Coopers. The global week of action for tax justice is happening one year after the release of the […]


Germany moves forward on corporate transparency

ReichstagThe Bundesrat has today voted to recommend implementing a public register of the beneficial ownership of companies and trusts.  Great news from Germany, as the country takes an important step forward towards corporate transparency.


New estimates reveal the extent of tax avoidance by multinationals

Price Waterhouse CoopersNew figures published today by the Tax Justice Network provide a country-level breakdown of the estimated tax losses to profit shifting by multinational companies. Applying a methodology developed by researchers at the International Monetary Fund to an improved dataset, the results indicate global losses of around $500 billion a year. The figures appear in a […]


Banking Secrecy in China, its related territories and Taiwan

Hong Kong from Sky 100Foreword. The Tax Justice Network is a non partisan network of experts working towards transparency, so we do not take any position about countries’ territorial and political claims. However, we do expect countries with a de jure (legal) or de facto (in practice) influence over other territories, to take responsibility for their power. We point […]


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