Links Sep 25

Mauritius, India in talks to address tax treaty concerns: FSC The Economic Times
Mauritius is apparently aiming to dispel ‘misperceptions’ that it is a tax haven.

Corporations may be people — but they can be used to hide criminals too The Washington Post

Australian Taxation Office amnesty project targets tax evaders, unlocks money stashed in havens, inherited offshore accounts ABC news

Switzerland: Signatures handed in to protect domestic banking secrecy swissinfo

Swiss Banks’ DoJ Emissary Sees Tax Spats Drag on in 2015 Bloomberg

Canada: Swiss bank pays $850,000 penalty in BCSC crackdown on offshore accounts The Globe and Mail

Lack of fairness with overseas tax evasion: Canadians pay the price Prince Albert Daily Herald

US Business Decries Treasury’s Anti-Inversion Measures Tax-News

Obama Will Probably Be Annoyed With Bill Clinton’s Latest Corporate Tax Proposal Huffington Post

$1 Billion Is the New Normal in the Incentives World The Tax Analysts Blog

A trilemma for Noonan on ‘double Irish’ The Irish Times

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