Links Sep 5

Developing Countries Could Reap Trillions By Squashing Financial Secrecy, Paper Says Wall Street Journal

‘Giant international companies receiving undue tax exemptions’ IPPNews
“Mega International companies operating in Tanzania, Zambia and Angola are receiving undue tax exemptions through lobbying with government officials and doctoring their financial statements.”

Film Says Corporate Tax Avoidance Clouding Modern States Bloomberg

Minister for Jobs and Enterprise Bruton accused of corporate tax ‘hypocrisy’ by Australian group The Irish Times
Cites TJN Australia’s Mark Zirnsak

APA accord between India and Switzerland to usher in new era of tax cooperation between the nations The Economic Times

The New Geography of Inequality: Is it all about the Middle or all about the Tails? Alex Cobham blogs from The EADI General Conference 2014

OECD Talks Tax Transparency In Liechtenstein Tax-News
See the Financial Secrecy Index report on Liechtenstein here

Money Laundering Hinders the Fight to End Poverty Huffington Post
See also: The trillion dollar scandal and everyday citizens Oxfam America – The Politics of Poverty

FATCA Threatens Russia’s Financial System, Official Says The Moscow Times

Aircraft financing is taking off in Bermuda The Royal Gazette

U.S.: Elon Musk: Open-Source the Taxpayer Subsidies You Seek for Tesla “Gigafactory” – Petition

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