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The trillion dollar scandal of financial secrecy Financial Times (paywall)
Guest blog by By David McNair of the ONE Campaign. See also: ‘Web of corrupt activity’ costs poorest countries a trillion dollars a year The Guardian, and our blog yesterday The Trillion Dollar Scandal – ONE’s new report and global campaign

UK: Go-Ahead awarded Fair Tax Mark The Guardian

South Africa: Clamour to end transfer pricing abuse BDLive

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey demands crackdown on corporate tax avoidance The Sydney Morning Herald
See also: Why the Australian Tax Office is losing the battle against the ‘transnationals’ The Sydney Morning Herald

Bangladesh: Reining in transfer mispricing The Financial Express
For background and information on Transfer Pricing see here.

Anti-shell corporation bill finds most unlikely US state support ICIJ

Lebanese bankers expect European version of FATCA Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

No more secrets – Swiss banks learn to shape up, not shut up Reuters
Though shifts are happening in Swiss private banking, “no more secrets” is somewhat over-optimistic on current status

Corporate Deadbeats: How Companies Get Rich Off Of Taxes Newsweek

Report: Offshore tax deals on the rise The Hill

Footballers and taxes The Cayman Islands Journal
A recent article with interesting insights, including the “Beckham Law”.

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