Links Sep 3

It Is Time To Unmask The Corrupt in Switzerland Transparency International

Banks agonise over US tax evasion ‘guilt’ swissinfo

Most Dutch banks are ‘vague’ about tax avoidance: fair banking report

Who Are You Calling Corrupt? Good Governance Begins at Home ThinkAfricaPress
“Is claiming to be a leader in international development whilst presiding over structures that facilitate the loss of billions from Africa not a form of corruption itself?”

4 ways to end the ‘trillion-dollar scandal’ devex
See also blog earlier today: The Trillion Dollar Scandal – ONE’s new report and global campaign

G20 must halt global game of tax avoidance by fighting anonymous shell companies and tax havens This Is Money

Mining tax deal puts a freeze on Australians’ superannuation for the next seven years Daily Telegraph
Billionaire mining magnate MP Clive Palmer denies conflict of interest in govt deal to abolish mining tax. See also: Australia to repeal mining tax Tax-News

Zambia waives VAT rule for mining firms, other exporters Reuters

Ireland’s employment minister defends his country’s tax status Mandurah Mail

Liechtenstein news: Banking sector grows in first half 2014 despite “end” of bank secrecy Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Shells in Seychelles: Republic Fills Void as Home for Tax Avoidance Bloomberg BNA

Bahamas Ex-Attorney General: ‘We’re Up To’ Coping With Automatic Tax Information Tribune242

Russian bank hires two former U.S. senators The Center for Public integrity

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