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Australia: Project Wickenby identifies $2b in tax liabilities Australian Financial Review
For background on Project Wickenby, Australia’s biggest tax sting, see here and here.

Big banks stall on global tax evasion crackdown Australian Financial Review

New Zealand Companies Office’s $612Mn Money-Laundering Snooze naked capitalism

Argentina investigates missing stolen assets El País (In Spanish)
Argentine judge investigates Panama, Uruguay and BVI companies suspected of criminal links to former dictatorship. Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero.

India: Black Money issue – Special Investigation Team on a Wild Goose Chase? NITI Central

5 Reasons Espirito Santo Saga Has Snared Other Institutions Wall Street Journal
Read about the offshore connections

How big business buys the right to dodge US taxes Quartz

ObamaCare contract muddles Dem message on tax dodgers The Hill

Businesses Are Winning Cat-and-Mouse Tax Game Dealb%k

7 companies that keep more than $50 billion offshore CNN Money

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