Links Aug 29

Kenya votes to reintroduce capital gains tax Financial Times (paywall)
“The move, which was approved by parliament this week but has yet to be signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta, will put Kenya in line with other top African economies”

Expectations too high for Pakistan-Swiss talks swissinfo

Swiss Banks Lost $383 Billion Funds Amid Probes, PwC Says Bloomberg

Private banks open up to new era of transparency swissinfo

Geneva’s bank opacity is melting like Swiss chocolate City A.M.

Scottish Independence: Labour tax haven fears Edinburgh Evening News
“If you deliberately set your corporation tax, not at what you think is right, but less than the country next door to you, what you’re doing is trying to create yourself as a tax haven.”

Flat tax doesn’t simplify tax, it cuts it for the richest The Equality Trust

Report on Shadow Banking in Asia & Report on Shadow Banking in the Americas Financial Stability Board

Everyone Who Calls for Repealing the Corporate Tax Is Wrong Citizens for Tax Justice

Corporations are people. So what if people were corporations? The Washington Post

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