Links Aug 20

Swiss sanctions dilemma over Russia  BBC

Swiss Private Banks: Not a Pretty Picture Wall Street Journal

US fine provisions hit Swiss private banks swissinfo

It’s not just the Swiss – banks far from Switzerland should know what institutions there disclose Corporate Counsel

Foreign banks pack their bags in Switzerland swissinfo
U.S. & European banks leaving Switzerland, rumours of banks from Brazil, China & Singapore filling some of the gaps

Cayman Islands Chamber says UK’s FCA “High Risk” listing “Insulting and lacks credibility” and Cayman Finance accuses FCA of “hypocrisy” Cayman iNews
See also: Cayman news: Government “astounded” at being included on UK high-risk country list Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Mexico Praised For Tax Transparency Tax-News

Tax Burden in U.S. Not as Heavy as It Looks, Report Says Dealb%k

UK Government restricts Liechtenstein route for tax disclosure Chartered Institute of Taxation

Is Global Income Inequality Really Falling? Slate

Banking corruption: more of the same. When will it end? Tax Research UK

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